Job Description:
  • Conduct research and make recommendations on data mining products, services, protocols, and standards in support of procurement and development efforts.
  • Work with large/complex datasets to solve difficult and non-routine analysis problems, applying advanced analytical methods as needed.
  • Perform quantitative and qualitative analysis of econometric data, relating constants and variables, restrictions, alternatives, conflicting objectives, and their numerical parameters to provide business intelligence information to users.
  • Prepare data for processing by organizing information, checking for inaccuracies, and adjusting and weighting the raw data.
  • Make recommendations for selections on machine learning models. Analyze and interpret statistical data to identify significant differences in relationships among sources of information.
  • Identify opportunities to use data to develop new strategies and improve business intelligence performance and utilize knowledge of mathematical modeling and other optimization methods to perform quantitative and qualitative data analysis.
  • Participate and present data to project teams. Communicate with teams on a regular basis and assist in development of department goals and strategies.
  • Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in business analytics or statistical analytics or related fields along with working knowledge of data modeling, data science, data preprocessing, data munging.
  • Must have experience with statistical concepts and applying statistical techniques such as regression, na├»ve Bayes, decision trees, clustering, factor analysis, time series, random forest, gradient boosting algorithms, etc. to solve business problems.
  • Experience in using statistical computer language (Python, R etc.) to manipulate data and draw insights from large sets.
  • Solid knowledge of SQL in its various forms for traditional databases and distributed computing environments.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in a programming language or analytic tool such as SAS, Python and Tableau.
  • High motivation, good work ethic, maturity and personal initiative.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Self-discipline for planning and organizing tasks.