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OEM Support

Looking to launch your next mobile device with a cool new camera feature or awesome music playback experience? We can help. Our team of engineers with years of experience in customizing and optimizing multimedia stacks will work your teams for custom driver development, feature development, power or performance improvements. Or simply want to improve the stability of your mobile device? We have experts in that area too.


With offices and engineers, all based in beautiful San Diego, close to major Silicon vendors our engineers can help debug critical launch gating issues with a short notice.

Key Areas of Expertise
Camera :
Our engineers helped major OEMs in the mobile industry for more than a decade in adding new camera features, enhance existing features to meet your KPIs or integrating 3rd part IP into vendor-provided reference application. Our camera architects and software engineers can be a great resource for consultation during product design stage.

Power Optimization :
What is a good multimedia experience for the user, if the battery does not last long. Our power engineers can optimize power without sacrificing performance to improve user experience, down to the low-level clock changes.

Display :
Custom driver development for LCD displays, panel bring-up, calibration and tuning.

Performance Improvements :
Boot time improvements, quick start camera, ZSL, offload multimedia functionality to DSP or GPU to improve performance. We can help KPIs for your critical use cases and tune software to achieve the metrics.

Custom ROMs :
You can leverage our in-depth experience with silicon vendors build system, components and optimization tools to reduce ROM size, speed-up load and remove unused components.


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